CDS Innovation Collaborative

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Project Overview

Central to AHRQ’s Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) CDS Initiative is advancing the uptake of PCOR findings into practice with a focus on patient-centered CDS. The CDSiC is comprised of three Centers that focus on 1) strategic vision and dissemination, 2) stakeholder collaboration, and 3) development of cutting-edge tools and resources for conducting real-world CDS research and demonstration projects. Led by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago (NORC), the CDSiC will have a 22+ member steering committee of CDS and informatics professionals, as well as 4 stakeholder workgroups, each with a chair and several workgroup members. The four workgroups will each have a charter to explore CDS themes of outcomes and objectives, trust and patient-centeredness, scaling and dissemination, and standards and regulatory frameworks. The Collaborative will also feature two Innovation Cores that will initially focus on a CDS measurement framework.

Goals and Objectives

The CDS Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) is expected to:

  • Enable a transformative impact in the adoption and use of PCOR evidence in clinical practice using CDS.
  • Define, coordinate and influence short and long-term goals around patient-centered CDS needs that are responsive to the current state of the healthcare ecosystem and patient demands.
  • Through stakeholder engagement, identify PCOR findings that may be suitable for implementation via CDS, define and recommend CDS measurement concepts, and test or evaluate via demonstration projects.
  • Guide the CDS stakeholder community in establishing the value of CDS, as the healthcare community continues to explore value-based care.

CDSiC Mission

CDSiC aims to advance the design, development, dissemination, implementation, use, measurement, and evaluation of evidence-based, shareable, interoperable, and publicly available patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) to improve health outcomes of all patients by creating a proving ground of innovation. To achieve this, CDSiC will:

  • Create a learning community to share and advance the knowledge, tools, standards, frameworks, and techniques for designing, developing, implementing, using, measuring, and evaluating high-quality, PC CDS.
  • Promote the practice and adoption of PC CDS that facilitates whole-person care and considers the patient, caregivers, and clinician workflows, preferences, and values around shared-decision making.
  • Advance standards-based PC CDS that can be shared with patients, caregivers, clinicians, health care organizations, and health IT developers across the U.S. and result in measurable improvements in healthcare, patient health, patient care experience, and provider experience.

To contact the project team, please email them at: cdsic@norc.org