The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is the research hub for the Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) and is comprised of two Cores: 1) Measurement and Value of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and 2) Conducting and Coordinating CDS Projects. Through these two Cores the Innovation Center will facilitate real-world patient-centered CDS (PC CDS) measurement and testing projects; improve CDS usability by identifying best practices for design and implementation; and advance the translation of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) into clinical practice, using CDS to improve patient’s and clinician’s decision making. The Innovation Center includes a Planning Committee comprised of thought leaders to provide strategic input for Innovation Center Core activities.

Core 1: Measurement and Value of CDS

The Measurement and Value of CDS Core works to standardize the measurement of all aspects of CDS guided by the principles of the CDS Five Rights. The research projects of this Core will identify and develop measurement concepts, and measurement frameworks, for the entire CDS lifecycle. This Core explores the measurement domains and resources that are needed to measure all aspects of PC CDS and carries out projects to identify and develop measurement frameworks, criteria, and concepts in order to lay the foundation for how PC CDS is assessed and appropriately used. The team is engaging diverse perspectives including patients, clinicians, and developers to ensure measurement domains are meaningful to these key stakeholders. The end result will be a set of resources that advance CDS measurement research in order to demonstrate the value of PC CDS in a compelling way to decision-makers in a variety of settings, ultimately improving and expanding the use of PC CDS to improve the health and well-being of all individuals.

Core 2: Conducting and Coordinating CDS Projects

The Conducting and Coordinating CDS Projects Core implements PC CDS in real-world settings and tests new ideas and identifies best practices for PC CDS implementation to address the complexities and challenges faced during last-mile implementation. This Core is the testing ground of CDSiC. This is the place where theory and research are put to the test in the real world. Activities in this Core will explore the complexities of implementing PC CDS in the real world and identifying best practices and approaches to support implementation of PC CDS within patient “life flows” and clinician workflows. Through the development and real-world testing of practical tools for CDS design, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, this Innovation Core aims to improve PC CDS usability, uptake, and effectiveness. This Core focuses on developing a robust evidence base and practical guides and resources for patient-centered design principles, accelerating advances in data interoperability, and ultimately, improving and expanding the use of PC CDS.