An effective and transparent governance structure is essential for any service that a community will contribute to, use, and leverage to support critical decisions. CDS Connect is such a resource, especially as it aims support decisions with the potential to impact the health of people.

The Governance structure for CDS Connect is a draft framework created to allow input from community members. This input drives the finer-level details of the the Repository, Authoring Tool, and prototype tools, and is considered for incorporation into future working versions of the CDS Connect resources.

Organization Management Roles

Each CDS Connect resource is owned and operated by a Governing Organization (or a consortium of organizations).

Governing Organization (GO)

Organization that owns and oversees CDS Connect

Currently AHRQ is serving as the Governing Organization (GO) for CDS Connect

Governing Organization Lead (GO Lead)

Represents the GO on all matters related to the CDS Connect resource.


Oversees and administers all activity within CDS Connect from a technical, process and systems perspective.

Publishing Organization (PO)

Legally owns and is responsible for an Artifact from the clinical content perspective.

Publishing Organization Lead

Represents the PO as the decision maker for all the organization’s activities within CDS Connect.

Artifact Creation and Management Roles

Content creation and management roles work under a Publishing Organization. All Roles in this Group will also have the rights, responsibilities and privileges of Registered Users.

Editors represent the Publishing Organization as the project leader and decision maker for a particular artifact. The Author contributes to creation and modification of an artifact. The Publisher submits artifact versions to be published live in the repository, or sends back to the Authors and Editors for additional changes.