CDS Connect Work Group

The CDS Connect Work Group advises the CDS Connect team on the ongoing identification and prioritization of key features and capabilities for CDS Connect, leveraging the expertise of work group members.

The CDS Connect Work Group is established with focused yet diverse representation to ensure a range of perspectives are heard concerning this work. The direct and iterative input from the work group supports the effective and efficient use of AHRQ’s resources supporting the CDS Connect project.

Work Group Objective

The primary objective of the work group is to solicit formal stakeholder feedback on various key aspects of CDS Connect project work, including:

Features and usability

CDS Connect systems are comprised of numerous features. As features are enhanced and new features are added, the work group will review demonstrations and documents to provide feedback on how the new features might impact the usability, structure, capabilities and operation of CDS Connect systems.

Repository elements

The CDS Connect Repository includes a range of metadata about each artifact. It also includes an application programming interface (API) to facilitate artifact contributions, a publishing process and governance policy. Work group members may be asked to review and comment on enhancements to these aspects of the Repository.

CDS Authoring Tool

The CDS Authoring Tool includes a range of capabilities that enable end users to develop and test CDS logic. Work group members may be asked to review and comment on enhancements to the Authoring Tool.

Prototype Tools

The CDS Connect team creates production-level prototype tools to aid in the development, integration and implementation of CDS logic. Work group members may be asked to prioritize features and provide feedback on these tools.

Clinical content

The CDS Connect team develops one or more CDS artifact every year. The CDS Connect Work Group will provide clinical and operational expertise to assist in the definition and evolution of CDS artifacts that are developed.


The CDS Connect team will pilot CDS artifacts developed as part of this project in a clinical setting to ensure that the CDS artifacts perform as expected.  Pilot Site representatives will be invited to join the CDS Connect Work Group, and work group members may be asked to provide feedback and recommendations on integration of the pilot artifact to address clinical workflow and to evaluate the effectiveness.

Work Group Schedule and Meeting Information

August 2019 CDS Connect Workgroup

Trust Framework Work Group Enhancement Options

MedStar Usability Evaluation Analysis

b.Well Final Pilot Update

CDS Connect Pilot Insights and Lessons Learned

CDS Connect Sustainability Path Project Update

June 2019 CDS Connect Workgroup

b.well patient-facing notification and content development

Pilot artifact data element and value set definition

Uploading external clinical quality language (CQL) libraries in the Authoring Tool (AT) demonstration

Specifying parameter values with the AT testing feature demonstration

May 2019 CDS Connect Workgroup

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Evidence-Based Care Transformation Support (ACTS) initiative

Clinical decision support (CDS) prototype testing tool

New parameter type features in the Authoring Tool (AT) 

Option Year (OY) 2 pilot technical approach

CDS Connect Outreach and Demonstrations

April 2019 CDS Connect Work Group

CDS Connect Sustainability Path project status and feedback

Importing external Clinical Quality Language (CQL) into the Authoring Tool (AT) demonstration

Option Year (OY) 2 pilot and artifact development

CDS Connect Outreach and Demonstrations

March 2019 CDS Connect Work Group

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) project “Adapting Clinical Guidelines for the Digital Age”

Demonstration of Authoring Tool (AT) comments Enabling alternate terminology servers in the AT Enabling CDS Connect Artifact comments

February 2019 CDS Connect Workgroup

CDS Connect Sustainability Path Project

Demonstration of Artifact Discovery

OY2 Pilot Selection and CDS Development Approach

CDS Connect Outreach and Demonstrations

Open Discussion and Close Out

January 2019 CDS Connect Workgroup

Analysis of the Trust Framework Work Group (TFWG) Recommendations

Authoring Tool (AT) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Standard for Trial Use (STU) 3 Support

Repository Account Enhancement Options

Pilot Update

CDS Connect Sustainability Path Project Update

December 2018 CDS Connect Workgroup

CDS Connect Artifact Discovery

CDS Connect Artifact Versioning

Option Year (OY) 2 Prototype Development

OY2 Artifact Development and Pilot Update

November 2018 CDS Connect Workgroup

Environmental Scan Key Findings and CDS Approach

CDS Connect Sustainability Project

Patient Perspective Blog Posting

October 2018 CDS Connect Workgroup

Option Year (OY) 2 Clinical Domain and Approach

OY2 Prototype Development

CDS Connect Notification Options

Repository Updates