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The Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Repository is a storehouse of actionable medical knowledge or “artifacts” that are available to the CDS community. This user guide provides an overview of the Repository, its features and how to use a Repository account to contribute to the CDS Connect community.

CDS artifacts are items that represent medical knowledge from various sources (e.g., clinical guidelines, peer-reviewed articles, local best practices, and Clinical Quality Measures). The artifacts can take many forms, but share a focus - to create computable, interoperable translations of medical knowledge that are human readable using the Clinical Quality Language (CQL) authoring language standard to provide the right information, to the right person, in the right CDS intervention format, through the right channel,  at the right time, in the clinical workflow. (See more on CDS 5 Rights)

We hope that the Repository will promote the use of CDS in everyday clinical settings and serve as a linchpin for connecting high-quality CDS to the U.S. healthcare community. And—ultimately—result in better patient outcomes.

For an overview of CDS Connect, how the CDS Connect Repository fits into the CDS Connect lifecycle, and how to author an artifact, watch the ONC Tech Forum: Clinical Decision Support Series Session #2, recorded in September 2023.