Cholesterol Management Work Group

The Role of the Cholesterol Management Work Group

The CDS Connect Cholesterol Management Work Group advised the CDS Connect project team from December 2016 – August 2017 during the development, specification and pilot implementation of cholesterol-related CDS artifacts which are currently hosted on the CDS Connect Repository.

Clinical Feedback

Review clinical components of the environmental scan conducted by CAMH.

Provide feedback on where CDS artifacts would fire in clinical workflow and the urgency of the notification.

Artifact Vision

Provide feedback on which recommendations to prioritize and how they might translate into CDS rules.

Provide feedback on artifact fidelity and inclusion, and provide suggestions for additional areas of inquiry.

Provide feedback on the presentation format of each CDS artifact and the end-user target that would engage with the artifact.

Implementation Guidance

Validate final catalog of clinical content to ensure that all the CAMH CDS artifacts provide consistent clinical across the domain of cholesterol management.

Review and validate CAMH's proposed pilot testing plans specific to cholesterol management.

Review the results of CAMH's pilot of new cholesterol management CDS artifacts.

Cholesterol Management Work Group Schedule

August cholesterol management workgroup

Demonstration of CDS Repository

Demonstration of CDS Authoring Tool

July cholesterol management workgroup

Updates on the Pilot and Artifacts

Option Year Clinical Domains

June cholesterol management workgroup

Discuss logic, value sets, and notifications for the eCQM artifact

May cholesterol management workgroup

Gather feedback on lookback periods, notifications for the USPSTF artifacts and value sets

CDS Connect pilot overview

Statin CDS demos: Options for providing CDS notifications

April cholesterol management workgroup

Brief overview of existing CDS Connect artifacts

Clarify logic details for USPTF-related artifacts

Discuss best approach for transforming eCQM specifications into CDS logic

March cholesterol management workgroup

Clarify details related to existing artifacts

Discuss specification of new artifacts

Discuss next steps and artifacts for development

February cholesterol management workgroup

Discuss remaining repository questions

Clarify 10-year risk assessment details

Discuss statin therapy for the prevention and treatment of CVD eCQM/CDS artifact

Discuss next artifacts for development

January cholesterol management workgroup

Discuss ACC/AHA 10-year ASCVD risk assessment tool metadata and CDS creation

Discuss longitudinal risk assessment tool metadata, CDS creation and shared decision making

Questions to the workgroup

Determine next artifacts for development

December cholesterol management workgroup

CDS Connect project overview

CDS Cholesterol management workgroup overview and planning

CDS Cholesterol management environmental scan findings and artifacts

CDS Cholesterol management next steps