Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance, is leading an initiative called “Adapting Clinical Guidelines for the Digital Age.” This initiative was developed out of an agency-wide workgroup formed in 2016 that is focused on improving the transmission of clinical guidelines by finding better ways to translate critical information into digital approaches or products (e.g., CDS expressions).

Adapting Clinical Guidelines for the Digital Age work groups, thought processes and findings have informed CDS Connect processes and artifact development activities.

Documentation Requirement Lookup Service Initiative

The AHRQ CDS Connect project is collaborating with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as part of the initial piloting of a Documentation Requirement Lookup Service (DRLS) clinical decision support (CDS) service. The DRLS CDS service is a software project that conforms to the implementation guides for Coverage Requirements Discovery (CRD) and Documentation Template and Rules (DTR) developed by the MITRE Corporation for CMS, and under the Da Vinci Project within the HL7 standards developing organization. As part of the collaboration, several DRLS CDS artifacts are being hosted on CDS Connect. In addition, AHRQ is providing hosting for the DRLS CDS service.

Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Learning Network

The Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Learning Network (PCCDS-LN) is an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)-supported effort that brings together diverse stakeholders to promote a sustainable community around developing, disseminating, and applying evidence-enabled, patient-centered clinical decision support.

PCCDS-LN efforts, including the Analytic Framework for Action and Recommendations for Building and Maintain Trust in Clinical Decision Support Artifacts, have informed CDS Connect activities and system capabilities to better support the stakeholder community.


The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has rich expertise in developing clinical practice guidelines, policies and guides to support informed decision making by VHA health care providers. The VHA’s interest in sharing CDS expressions informed by their clinical practice guidelines led the CDS Connect team to work in collaboration with VHA CDS developers to enhance the existing application programming interface (API) to facilitate the upload of structured artifact contributions to the Repository.